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Galata Meyhanesi - Istanbul

Again something about Istanbul. :) Should I change the name of this blog to "Istanbul and food"? :)
I have decided to write this post in english.  The main reason is that two persons who told us about the Galata Meyhanesi can not speak polish.

I would like to thank you, Nebahat and Gülden, for the recommendation of this wonderful place. I can truly say that Galata Meyhanesi is one of the best I have visited, because of food and atmosphere.

So I can absolutely recommend it forward to all of you who wants to eat good and listen to turkish live music in Istanbul. This restaurant is well located perpendicular to well known street namely İstiklâl Caddesi, close to Galata Tower , so it can not be a problem to find it.

We were there five hours. Yes... we were eating our dinner five hours... :) It doesn't happen everyday! We already were there at 7 pm (they open at 7 pm :) ) and we stayed until midnight. Too much good food and too much good music! 

They have only fixed menu in the restaurant, but this is good, to try many different kind of turkish food and it was the meaning actually.

Eight different types of Meze, toast bread and beer - Efes of course.

After meze we thought that we are close to finish of the dinner, but it was the beginning of the dinner.
So besides meze we ate even two types of starters (some kind of fish and pan-fried white cheese), and main course, and after that it was dessert  with some fruit alternatives. And we had six Efes per person...

Does it look like too much food? :)

Everything was so good, maybe it wasn’t so dramatic as Meg Ryan’s big moment at Katz’s Deli in “When Harry Met Sally”, but some kind of guttural moan of pleasure was detected from our table when we tasted all these types of meze and then starters. We ate more meze than we could report, while most are fine, few can be considered orgasmic. :)

Anyway, I have almost forgotten the important one, if you want to eat there (and listen to music!), don’t forget to book a table. We wanted to eat there on Saturday, but there was no place. Unfortunately, restaurant is closed on Sundays so we had gotten to go there on Monday.

Master of masters. What a voice! Truly amazing!

There were not so many guests and everybody had a good fun. After 10 pm all guests started to sing and some of them danced (we can't turkish songs, unfortunately! :) ).

And this is a birthday cake for my firend. She is 18 now. ;)

And the birthday gift from Galata Meyhanesi. :)

And below one of the short movies. Happy Birthday in turkish (?), I guess so. More movies from restaurant on Search for "Galata Meyhanesi" on the youtube.

Exactly one month ago today, we were there, 17/10/2011. :)

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Anonimowy pisze...

insanin Gulden ve Nebahat gibi arkadaslari olunca, böyle mukemmel mekanlara ulasmasi da kolay oliyor, tabi ki..

Julia pisze...

We've still never been to a meyhane in Istanbul. It was on our list for October and we ran out of time. This one looks great. Will definitely go to find it next time we're there.